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President Hamid Karzai - The head of the new transitional government of Afghanistan
Pres. Karzai's Statement to United Nations (9/13/2002)

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Afghan Constitutions:

Afghan Constitution Discussion Board - Get involved in writing this historic document









Afghan Transitional Government  (2002-2004)

Final list of candidates for Afghan Elections 2004 - Federation of Afghan American Associations - Advocating for a democratic Afghan government in America

Analysis of Afghanistan: Dr. Roashan

Interim Government of Afghanistan - A world bank sponsored web site depicting the goals of the current Afghan Government

A Brief History of Afghanistan in the past 1000 years - A speech delivered by Adam Ritscher in Duluth, Minnesota (2002).


Agreement on Provisional Arrangements in Afghanistan Pending the Re-Establishment of Permanent Government Institutions (UNIC/Bonn) December 5, 2001; also available in PDF

Draft Constitution of Afghanistan for Transitional Period proposed by Dr. Salim Modjaz (

Loya Jirga (Grand Assembly) - History and it's implication in Afghan politics

Afghanistan Law (Library of Congress)